QMC Design & Lighting specialise in Nightclub & Bar design using our specialist knowledge & contacts working with our clients on all aspects of a project from initial design & brand development through to specialist lighting, sound & security systems as well as overall project management & installation of a project.

Some projects we may only design the lighting & on others the overall design down to the menus & PR. We offer a flexible range of services to suit our client's needs & budget.
Nightclub and bar design package
Nightclub and bar design package2

Complete Design Package

QMC Design & Lighting offer our clients a one stop shop when it comes to designing a bar or club.

We undertake the concept design working with our clients to create a look to suit their budget & requirements working through the technical details, any permissions required as well as designing the feature lighting & sound system & sourcing the furniture & special features as well as any bespoke design elements & brand management & final installation.

Nightclub and bar concept design

Concept Design

QMC Design & Lighting can also provide the client with the overall concept design working up the brand & overall look for the space scheduling the fixtures & fittings so that the client has a brand to work with & can provide details to the Contractor for the build & pricing. QMC can go on to manage the actual project or just provide the initial concept for the space.
Nightclub and bar specialist Lighting Design & Installation

Specialist Lighting Design & Installation

QMC Design & Lighting offer specialist lighting design services enhancing the interior with bespoke fittings, illuminated signage, back lit feature & bubble walls as well as feature chandeliers & specialist colour-changing fittings.

We can manage the installation & also work with the clients to scene set & on the lighting controls to manage the mood throughout the day & evening.

We also work with the installation of the sound systems & security systems.
Nightclub and bar bespoke furniture design

Bespoke Furniture Design

QMC Design & Lighting can bespoke design seating to fit the space & add impact to feature illuminated tables, light features, DJ Booths, podiums & stage design as well as private VIP & booth design.
Nightclub and bar VIP rooms

VIP Rooms

QMC Design & Lighting can create the specialist luxury areas within a space creating a sense of decadence & glamour as a specialist area where through the use of specialist features & lighting the space becomes a luxury feature space within the overall club or bar suitable for parties or private events.
Nightclub and bar branding & PR Branding & PR

QMC Design & Lighting work with clients on the name, logo, signage, menus & overall PR material for a space. We also work with specialist PR companies for the launch of a club or bar to generate publicity & manage opening nights re styling & guest lists etc.